Trailer Idol School (2017)


Idol School (Hangul: 아이돌 학교) is a 2017 reality girl group survival show on Mnet. It is a program that aims to form a 9-member girl group out of 41 female participants, training them in singing and dancing in the span of 11 weeks.[1]

While branded as being similar to another Mnet survival program, Produce 101, the show differs from it in its participants, voting system, and number of winners that will form the final group.

The show premiered on July 13, 2017.


The school campus is an English Village in Yangpyeong County,  Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

Theme song

The song "Cause You're Pretty (예쁘니까)" which was sung by the 41 contestants, was released digitally by Mnet on July 13, the same day as the show's premiere. The contestants also performed the song on M! Countdown.[11] It also serves as a school anthem.

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